2023 Fermentation Fair Vendors

We are excited to welcome the following vendors to the Fermentation Fair:

Tender Soles Farm

Horse-powered organic farm offering a range of veggie ferments

Tootie’s Tempeh

Outstanding locally sourced tempeh sustainably made in Biddeford

Go-en Fermented Foods

Miso and other koji ferments

Thirty Acre Farm

Living foods and sauces grown in the midcoast

Swallowtail Farm and Creamery

Yogurt, cheese, kefir, and herbal products

Oxbow Brewing

Farmhouse and terroir-driven beers

Dandelion Spring Farm

Our gracious host and organic farm offering a selection of farm-to-table foods

Midcoast Vegan

Plant-based charcuterie, meat, and cheese

Maine Garum Company

Garums made with fish processing waste and invasive species

Gracie’s Garden

Traditionally lacto-fermented products sourced from organically grown vegetables in Maine

The Whole Almond

Small batch, plant-based milks, cheese, butter, and treats produced using zero-waste principles.